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…You can deep-fry anything?

Deep-fried Coke

Nothing says gut busting food time like the state fair rolling into town (state). If you can fit it in a deep fryer, chances are someone’s tried it, and then tried to sell it. There’s deep-fried Oreos, hamburgers, Snickers bars and Twinkies to name a few of the stranger ones, in addition to the foods you normally think of when you think of a deep fryer. The latest deep-fried sensation to sweep the nation stems from the Texas State Fair, and it’s made from Deep-Fried Coca-Cola. Abel Gonzales Jr. came up with the concoction following his 2004 hit, fried marshmallows on a stick, and his 2005 hit, fried peanut butter, banana and jelly sandwich. To make this years artery annihilator, he “deep-fries Coca-Cola-flavored batter. He then drizzles Coke fountain syrup on it. The fried Coke is topped with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a cherry”. His creation took top honors at the second-annual Big Tex Choice Awards Contest for creativity, beating out fried macaroni and cheese and a deep-fried cosmopolitan. My only question is this: What do you wash something like this down with?

[Via: Dethroner]