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…Design By Humans is having a sale?

Design By Humans

As a friend and/or family of Design By Humans, they sent me an invite to their Friends & Family Sale, so as friends and/or family of DYH, I’m passing the savings on to you.

From December 26 through December 31, you can save 35% off of your entire order by using the discount code “DBHFAM”.

Looks like it’s time to get some Human!

[Design By Humans]

…You can design your own t-shirt?

T-Shirt Design Process

So you’ve seen the designs on Threadless, Design By Humans, or the numerous other t-shirt design submission sites that are out there and thought, “Hey, I can do that.”

Well then, chances are you probably can, but to do so, you’re going to need to know how.

To help you on this epic design quest, You The Designer has come up with a great guide called The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirts, and it’s filled with tips on all aspects of the submission process.

If you’re ready, then fire up Illustrator and click below:

[You The Designer – The Ultimate Guide To Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirts]

…Shirts should be stylish?

In t-shirt news, Threadless’ Holiday Sale continues, with all of their tees selling for just $10.

This includes the shirts they just announced, like “In The Event Of A Playground”:

In The Event Of A Playground

“Home Is Where The Heart Is”:

Home Is Where The Heart Is

And “Operation Needed”:

Operation Needed

Also, Design By Humans has just announced their Shirt Of The Month winner, and it’s a very colorful and beautiful design called “The Source”:

The Source

Buy them for yourself, or give them as gifts, because you don’t want to miss, a deal like this.


[Design By Humans]

…Design By Humans is having a sale?

Design By Humans

Design By Humans is having its own Black Friday sale, so if you spend $75 or more on some sweet shirts, they’ll add $25 to your account for even more fashion goodness.

Design By Humans has definitely been putting out some good stuff lately, so even if you don’t want to take advantage of the sale, at least stop by and see what they’re all about, because it’s currently an undiscovered haven for fresh styles.

[Design By Humans]

…Design By Humans is having a sale?

Design By Humans

If you’re a member of Design By Humans, and you’ve had your eye on a particular design, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, then head on over and use coupon code SILVERSNOW for 25% off your entire order. It’s only good for one day though, so you better hurry.

If you’re not a member, then sign-up and see what happens. It’s worth a shot, and you may find yourself saving the same 25% as the rest of us.

If those two options don’t work, or if you wait too long, then use the coupon code SJ7ABE for 15% off your entire order for the next 10 days.

However you go about it, check out what Design By Humans has to offer; because they’re putting out some great stuff, and it’s mostly going unnoticed.

Consider yourself warned.

[Design By Humans]