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…iPods can be art?

Exploded iPod

Billy Chasen has always been a fan of exploded diagrams, so he decided to make a real life version of one.

After choosing his iPod as the victim, Billy then encased it in resin and created what you see here.

Coolest part? Thanks to the encased internals of a dock, the iPod still plays music!

[Exploded iPod]


…Water looks cool when it’s slowed down?

Slow Water Drops

It’s amazing what the world looks like when you just slow it down a little bit. These colored water droplets take on an organic life of their own when they’re photographed by a high-speed. Plus, the site gives you a workflow and circuit diagram so you can build your own water capturing high-speed photography rig. Slowly cool.

[Water Figures Photo Gallery]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]