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…Your watch can have its own spinner?

Icetek Spinner

The spinning rim has been around for so long that it’s almost become trite, with every Joe Schmoe in a Honda able to slap a pair of $50 hubcaps on his ride and spin down the street. What if you could carry that spinning sense of style around with you though, say, on your wrist? Icetek aims to do just that with their Spinner line of wristwatches, allowing you to wear “a part of your car, all day long”. Designed with a center disc that moves with motion, “drawing attention to the white diamonds on the spinners, crown, case and bezel”, this isn’t a watch for the subtle. Yours can be had with either a black lacquer or white mother-of-pearl dial, and each one comes with a rubber tire strap and a leather strap to match your outfit. There are a total of 4.5 karats of diamonds covering this spinning sensation, so make sure to wear it on a bright day to get your full $5000 worth.


[Via: Luxist]

…Mont Blanc makes expensive pens?


The Mont Blanc Boheme Royal Black & White pen marks the other end of the Mont Blanc pen spectrum when compared to the $15 Mont Blanc pen project (though it does illustrate nicely why such an alternative is necessary). This cartridge fountain pen features a retractable platinum-plated 18-karat gold nib, an 18-karat white gold barrel and cap set with a total of 1,430 brilliant-cut diamonds, 18-karat white gold rings and clip set with a paramount-cut diamond. Even the Mont Blanc star logo is made of 19 individual diamonds. I understand you don’t want to Bic the final touch on your million-dollar contract, but with a price tag of $150,000, you better hope that contract doesn’t fall through anytime soon or you’ll be signing life insurance policies with this brilliant work of art.

[Mont Blanc Boheme Royal Black & White]

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…You blink needs a little more bling?

Diamond Eyelashes

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and apparently Madonna just couldn’t find enough places to put her best friend, so she had a custom set of mink false eyelashes done up with .75 carats of hand-faceted diamonds featuring a unique new cut called the “Star Shimmer Cut” to add a little bling to her gaze. Made by designer Gina Brooke, shu uemura’s artistic director, these custom eyelashes will now be available to non-celebrities as well for a hefty $10,000 per set. They will only be available through seven select Neiman Marcus stores though, so if you just have to have a set, it’s time to start making some phone calls. For those who can’t spend the price of a small car to add a little diamond shine to their look, shu uemura also offers replica diamond eyelashes for a much more affordable $25. Looks like the bling blink will definitely be in this season.

[Precious Diamond Lashes]

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…A golden bra makes your top half look $1.89 million better?

Gold Bra

Golden Zone, a Korean company, has created a product that costs more than a house; but you’ll probably still want to take it off it you ever see one. It’s a golden bra, and it’ll set you back a mere $1.89 million to be the proud owner of one of the world’s most expensive undergarments. Made of gold and studded with diamonds, the bra is most likely more stylish than comfortable, though I’d imagine that this isn’t the sort of thing you’d get for everyday use.

[Via: BornRich]