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…There are eight Diggsonalities?

Valleywag is starting a series of posts called Diggbait, a blatant (and smart) attempt to get onto the front page of Digg. Thankfully, it’s being done as a charity drive (in addition to the nice and easy advertising), with various and hopefully numerous people and companies agreeing to donate $10 per Diggbait entry that gets onto the Digg front page to Child’s Play, a charity that donates toys to kids in hospitals around the country (and who doesn’t love that). Their first entry, The 8 People You Meet On Digg, is a very funny, and very accurate portrayal of the various Diggsonalities. Included are The Überdigger, Kevin Rose’s Special Friend, The Mastur-Digg-baiter, and The Value Adder. Read through for a full description, and don’t forget to Digg me down.

[The 8 People You Meet On Digg]

[Child’s Play]


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…Digg is not for beginners?


New to Digg, the social bookmarking phenomenon? Pronet Advertising has put together a Beginner’s Guide to Digg, and it’s a pretty thorough account of what Digg is all about and what it has to offer, as well as why Digg has become so popular and how it works. “Digg is a site that will help you avoid the process of digging (around the Internet) and instead, get exactly what others have dug up so you can see some of the great sites/stories/things out there on the Internet.” Can you Digg it?

[Beginner’s Guide To Digg]

[Via: Digg]