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…There are eight Diggsonalities?

Valleywag is starting a series of posts called Diggbait, a blatant (and smart) attempt to get onto the front page of Digg. Thankfully, it’s being done as a charity drive (in addition to the nice and easy advertising), with various and hopefully numerous people and companies agreeing to donate $10 per Diggbait entry that gets onto the Digg front page to Child’s Play, a charity that donates toys to kids in hospitals around the country (and who doesn’t love that). Their first entry, The 8 People You Meet On Digg, is a very funny, and very accurate portrayal of the various Diggsonalities. Included are The Überdigger, Kevin Rose’s Special Friend, The Mastur-Digg-baiter, and The Value Adder. Read through for a full description, and don’t forget to Digg me down.

[The 8 People You Meet On Digg]

[Child’s Play]


[Via: Digg]