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…Ten Thousand Cents is not a lot of money?

Ten Thousand Cents

Ten Thousand Cents is a digital artwork that created a representation of the $100 bill using 10,000 anonymous artists, each paid one cent per contribution.

By using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, the two main artists (Aaron Koblin and Takashi Kawashima) were able to enlist the help of thousands of other people/artists to recreate the bill. Each person was given a small area to draw, and was paid one cent to do so, though they were never told the overall goal.

Thus, the total labor cost to create the bill, the artwork being created, and the reproductions available for purchase are all $100.

    The project explores the circumstances we live in, a new and uncharted combination of digital labor markets, “crowdsourcing,” “virtual economies,” and digital reproduction.

In all, it took almost five months to complete, and the result is surprisingly accurate.

Be sure to visit the site for a clickable pic that lets you view a movie of each image that went into the final piece.

[Ten Thousand Cents]

[Via: Swissmiss]