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…Smash Lab sucks?

Anyone who has seen Discovery Channel’s Smash Lab show can probably agree on one thing: It sucks!

Despite being an attempt by Discovery Channel to duplicate the success of their very popular MythBusters show, the combination of terrible projects, awful hosts, and lackluster to simply non-existent science content means it’s one of the worst shows on television.

For most, Smash Lab’s suckiness simply equates to an hour of their day when they can’t watch the Discovery Channel (or two hours if for some god forsaken reason they decide to do re-runs) but for two guys named Eric, it means much more.

That’s because the two Erics run a design studio out of Canada called smashLAB, and now, whenever anyone Googles the name of their company, the results are filled with website after website decrying that “Smash Lab sucks!”

To combat this problem, they decided to not go after Discovery Channel for taking their name, but instead to create a website where they could openly request that Discovery Channel make Smash Lab suck a little less so that positive reviews can start to replace the negative ones:

Smash Lab Sucks

It might not be enough to save the show, but hopefully their rather funny plea will get the two Erics enough business to survive Smash Lab’s downfall.

[Smash Lab Sucks]

…Circular Painting is beautiful?

Circular Painting

Fly on the Wall created this amazingly fantastic “Circular Painting” for the Discovery Channel, and it’s awe-inspiring to watch the artists bring the painting to life through movement and motion alone.

Artists include Bryan Devlin, Luis Tolosana, Warren Lewis, Ree Treweek, Daniel Ting Chong, Mike Morocco, Toyah Moon Humphreys, Paul Ressel and Josh Ginsburg, and you can actually see one artist’s style evolve into the next, which just adds another level of awesome onto this already impressive project.

Watch and enjoy:

[Via: Abduzeedo]

…Ken Block can fly?

Back in December, I covered a story about Ken Block’s record setting 171-foot jump for Discovery Channel’s Stunt Junkies in his Subaru WRX (that’s 51 feet farther than the Wright Brothers flew).

Well now, thanks to YouTubeology, we’ve got a video.

Though the motorcycle guys make a jump like this look easy, I can only imagine what it must feel like in a car (meaning it’s time to build a ramp, call the chiropractor, and give this a shot).

[Via: Jalopnik]

…Ken Block jumped his Subaru over 100 feet?

Ken Block Subaru Jump

Fans of rally racing (myself included) usually watch the sport for two things: the jumps, and the gnarly crashes. Sure, the racing is all fine and dandy, but it’s the jumps and the crashes that keep people coming back. Ken Block, deciding to go big rather than going home, took the former to a new level for an upcoming episode of Discovery Channel’s Stunt Junkies, jumping his Monster Energy Subaru over 100 feet (probably much more, but he can’t divulge actual footage until after the episode airs, so take your best guess). Though it’s hard to imagine just how far that really is without actually being there, judging by the pictures, I’d say the man must be insane! Thankfully, Ken managed to keep it wheel side down while setting this new record, and is hopefully working on some way of back flipping the car for his next performance. Dukes, eat your hearts out. Rally car big-air at next year’s X Games anyone?

[0-60 Mag – Ken Block Interview]

[Stunt Junkies]

[Via: Jalopnik]