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…Gliding can be dangerous?

Combat Glider

It might take millions of dollars and military backing to get into a real dogfight, but with a few dollars and some DIY plane building skills, you can be combat gliding in no time. Combat gliders are scrapped together planes with nine-foot wingspans that use cliff updrafts to stay in the air. They have “no motors, no self-power, and only two simple controls: one flap on each wing. They are made of bamboo sticks, plastic bottle noses, foam board wings and duct tape”. Their scrappy nature makes them virtually indestructible, but you need that kind of dependability when the goal of the hobby is to ram the other planes out of the sky.

[Via: WIRED Blogs: Geekdad]

…You can make your own Mini storage?

Mini Flash

Instructables has a great tutorial for you DIYers out there that shows you how to create your own 1 Gig Mini Cooper Flash Drive. The whole project only requires some light modifications to the car, and the end result is a completely stock looking Mini with a secret storage supply that’s sure to impress both your techno geek and car head friends.

[Instructables – 1 Gig Flash Drive Mini Cooper]

…TechShop is the DIYers dream hideaway?

TechShop Logo

The problem with doing it yourself is that you often need quite a bit of space and a bunch of really expensive tools to get the job done right. Not everyone has a dynamometer in their backyard for measuring horsepower or a laser cutter for cranking out that prototype you’ve been working on. TechShop aims to fix all that with their open access public workshop. Described as “a fully-equipped open-access workshop and creative environment that lets you drop in any time and work on your own projects at your own pace. It is like a health club with tools and equipment instead of exercise equipment…a Kinko’s for geeks”; TechShop is open to everyone regardless of age or skill level. They’ve even got classes available if you’ve always been dying to try out airbrushing or building your own custom motorcycle. With an extensive equipment list and numerous available classes, TechShop is sure to be the in the dreams of techies everywhere.


[Via: Popgadget]