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…Drawminos are online dominos?


Drawminos are digital dominos that you can set-up and play with just like the real thing, only these won’t all tumble and fall if your hand happens to twitch.

Though not quite as addicting as Line Rider, they’re still fun to toy around with, and you can look through the Favorites if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration.


…Dominos doesn’t know left from right?

Dominos Pizza

When ordering online, Dominos makes you select a side for your toppings to go on.

Instead of just “half”, they actually make you choose “left” or “right”, which made one inquisitive blogger want to know: Will they deliver what they request?

Apparently not, as the delivered pizza was exactly opposite of what had been ordered.

Just goes to show you that you can’t count on quality anymore…

[Via: The Sneeze]

…Fatboy Slim loves dominos?

Fatboy Slim’s new music video for Champion Sound follows a domino path of CDs, tapes, records, boxes and more through a house with the eventual Rube Goldberg ending of knocking someone on the noggin. That’s hot.

[Via: Neatorama]

…The Domino Effect is an explosive viral video?

EepyBird, the mad scientist behind the now infamous Diet Coke and Mentos video phenomenon, are at it again, this time with experiment #214, one they like to call The Domino Effect: Mix one part Rube Goldberg with one part dominos, one part Diet Coke, and one part Mentos, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a viral video concoction:

[Eepy Bird]

[Via: Official Google Blog]

…Tim Fort’s Kinetic Art is amazing?

Dominos are cool. Rube Goldberg machines are cool. Anything that manages to combine these two must be some sort of as yet undefined uber cool. Tim Fort created this Kinetic Art piece, and it’s 6:10 of non-stop action. If anyone’s interested, he’s still looking for volunteers to clean up and sort what remains (not really, but it must have been quite a task).

[Via: Digg]