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…It’s Things Thursday: Causes Charity Gifts?

Causes Charity Gifts

While I don’t think I will ever understand why people spend $1 to send their friend a virtual Facebook gift, I do like the virtual gifts that Causes is selling.

With over 300,000 members, Causes is one of Facebook’s most popular applications. It allows users to donate to a good cause (any registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit or presidential campaign) and then encourage others to do the same.

To give back something somewhat tangible, Causes now allows you to give virtual charity gifts to your friends. Unlike Facebook’s gifts however, these aren’t just meaningless bitmaps.

Each Causes gift ranges from $10 to $200, and includes everything from a pair of blankets from the American Red Cross to an OLPC laptop from the OLPC Foundation.

The cost of the gift is the cost of the real world item, and each gift signifies an actual giving of that item to a real person.

It’s digital meets donation, and I dig the result.

[Facebook – Causes – Charity Gifts]

[Via: TechCrunch]

…It’s Website Wednesday: 1968Pennies.com?

1968 Pennies

In 1968, 4,858,503,583 pennies were minted.

Today, thanks to lint traps, pool filters, fountain cleaners, and tails up bad luck, many of them are no longer with us.

To help save those that remain, 1968Pennies.com is putting together the world’s largest collection of 1968 pennies, and they’re asking for your help to do it.

Anyone can donate a penny to the collection, and as long as it’s a certifiable 1968 penny, you’ll have your name added to the list of contributors for eternity. (Or until the site shuts down.)

Remember though: A penny saved is a penny earned!


[Via: Boing Boing]

…Your face can set a record?

Guinness World Records

Want to help set a Guinness World Record?

Sorough Real Estate recently set the record for the world’s largest banner ad, and now they want to add your face to help raise money for charity.

Up to a million people can submit a photo of their face, and for each photo submitted, Sorough Faces Campaign will donate one dollar to the UAE Red Crescent. Then, when the million is collected, it will be used for the repair and reconstruction of the homes of the underprivileged in the UAE.

Ready to be a part of history?

Then head on over and upload your picture, because an opportunity like this won’t be around forever.

[Sorouh Faces]

[Via: Trend Hunter]

[Guinness World Records]