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…Doritos wants to send you on a quest?

The Quest

Doritos has released a mystery flavor that it calls simply “Quest”, and if you can guess the name of this mystery flavor, you may soon find yourself $100,000 richer.

By logging on to SnackStrongProductions.com, you can begin your quest by guessing the name of the mystery flavor. Once you solve that first mystery, you’ll unlock “the untold mysteries” where “great wealth awaits the bold and adventurous”. Apparently one of “the clever, swift and keen will rise to meet the challenges and compete for the golden ARTIFACT worth $100,000”.

The games are very Myst like, and it’s actually a pretty cool idea for a chip maker, so be sure to check out The Quest and see if you can figure out what the mysteries might be.


…Doritos use quality packaging?


A cargo container with thousands of bags of Doritos inside fell off a container ship and broke apart off the coast of North Carolina, spilling the bags onto the beach where scavengers were able to collect and enjoy the chips due to their airtight packaging. Quality packaging: a source of pride at the Doritos factory.

[Spilled Doritos Chips]

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