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…Banksy wants you to have his art for free?

Banksy What Are You Looking At

Banksy, the quite famous graffiti artist, got a little tired of people selling bootleg copies of his work on eBay and profiting off of those who didn’t know better, so he’s decided to give it all away. On his website, he has posted a selection of large, high-res images of many of his most famous pieces for you to download, print out and enjoy. RIAA, are you listening?


[Via: High Snobiety]

…Google’s Earth is all new?

Google Earth

Fans of Google Earth rejoice, Google Earth 4 is upon us. New additions include “rich 3D content”, the ability to create and share geographic information such as travel photos, hiking trails, and overlays of your own imagery, a new UI, and the ability to annotate, modify and share directly on the maps. Download now.

[Google Earth]