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…Draw Here lets you tag the web?

Draw Here

Draw Here is an interesting and unique way of interacting with web pages. Using their bookmarklet, you can draw over web pages with the given tools as you browse them. Then, if you save your drawings, others will be able to see them the next time they visit that same page. The drawings can be used to share artwork, comment on web pages, or to just doodle while you’re browsing. Of course the popular web sites (anything web 2.0) will probably be covered in a constant stream of stupid doodles and tag signs, but I think the real potential of this would be to hide your drawing on a somewhat obscure site so that it isn’t covered over or altered by others, and then someone can stumble across it one day and really appreciate the work that was done. Sadly, It’ll probably just end up in the hands of twelve year old boys drawing stick figure porn all over the place until it fades into obscurity, but I guess that’s just they way things have to be sometimes.

Draw Here

[Draw Here]