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Miguel Endara Draws His Dad With Dots

Miguel Endara made a drawing of his dad, called “Hero”, out of 3.2 million dots of ink, and documented the process so you can see what it looks like:

…It’s Movie Monday: Parkour Motion Reel?

Parkour Motion Reel

The Parkour Motion Reel shows that with a little post-production, a lot of drawing ability, and a ton of patience, you can create something truly unique that brings a few simple sheets of folded paper to life:

…It’s Things Thursday: Monster by Mail?

Monster By Mail

For just $25, cartoonist Len Peralta will draw you an original monster based on a design of your choosing and then mail you the final piece of art for you to display on the wall. Add $10 more, and he’ll even include a YouTube video of the entire process so that you can watch the creature come to life.

Summer of Super-villains

This summer Len is specifically focusing on super-villains with an event called the Summer of Super-villains, so if you give him the name of a potential super-villain, he’ll create a drawing that brings that name to life.

…Paper websites are the net’s history?

Paper Twitter

The web might be a computer based place, but many of the designs for the sites that you use daily started out as simple pen on paper drawings in a boardroom or bar napkin.

Deeplinking has gathered up some of these initial concepts sketches, and there’s something about seeing the roots of highly used sites laid out before you like a dinosaur skeleton that brings the beasts back down to reality.

[Deeplinking – The Paper Version Of The Web]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…It’s TGI Friday: iSketch?


iSketch is an amazingly addictive online drawing game.

Though I intended to post about this game at some point in the future, seeing the following video helped me decide that today was the day:

The game plays as follows: One at a time, players draw a word that the other players have to guess. The first person to guess right gets 10 points, and any other player who also guesses the word correctly get fewer and fewer points until the round ends after a certain amount of time.

It sound simple, and it’s basically just an online version of Pictionary, but play a few rounds and you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.


[Via: Kottke]