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Hello, I Like Espresso

Hello, I Like Espresso is a beautiful short from Vincent Lammers that shows all of the different ways that you can make a coffee drink in just 27 seconds.


[Via: Laughing Squid]

…Pop’s ‘Stache will mark your drink with style?

Pop's 'Stache

Quench your thirst, mark your drink, AND try out a new ‘stache with a set of the Pop’s ‘Stache mustache themed drink identifiers.

Designed to wrap around the top of a bottle, the Pop’s ‘Stache drink identifiers include ‘stache classics like The Stromboli, The Box Car, The Beans for Breakfast, and The Winnipeg Special, and each is guaranteed to make you far more sophisticated looking than any other drink identifier.

For now they’re just a concept, but given the amount of support that these have received, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them hitting store shelves soon.

[Pop’s ‘Stache]

…The McNuggetini is not on the Dollar Menu?


What do you get when you combine McNuggets, Barbeque Sauce, a Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Vodka?

Probably the world’s worst hangover, but also the McNuggetini, a McDonald’s inspired drink that may just be the perfect capper to a Dollar Menu evening.


…McDonald’s is trying to be automatic?

The last time I was at a McDonald’s, I pulled up to the drive through window and was amazed by what I saw: A machine that prepares your entire drink order without ever needing human interaction.

Here’s the process it goes through: It drops the right size cup (depending on what you order) onto a conveyor belt, moves that cup under an ice dispenser and fills it with ice, moves the cup again under the right soda tap and fills it with the right amount of soda, waits for the fizz to die down, tops it off with more soda, and then moves to where the McDonald’s employee can pick it up. About the only thing it doesn’t do is add a lid, and my guess is that the ability to lid a drink isn’t far off.

Thankfully someone found this whole process as amazing as I did, because I was able to find this video of the machine on YouTube:

I’ve always felt that McDonald’s is going to do everything it can to cut its workers out of the process, and this drink machine just goes to show that the direction they’re heading in is definitely a fully automatic, robotic McDonalds.

Want fries with that?