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…Movies don’t have to be expensive?

Movie Theater

I love summertime movies, but with ticket prices quickly approaching a Jackson, and popcorn prices making you rethink the switch to ethanol, it’s quickly becoming harder and harder to justify the cost.

However, with a bit of planning and some smart savings, Consumerist can show you nine different ways to save at the movies.

From movie ticket coupons and drive-in revivals to bulk ticket purchases and reward programs, it’s a helpful and easy to use guide to saving a few bucks.

[Consumerist – 9 Ways To Save At The Movies]

…GrandOpening is a drive-in?

Grand Opening

GrandOpening has reopened, and it’s now Manhattan’s only drive-in cinema.

Twice a night, seven days a week, you and five friends can sit under the painted sky in a 1965 Ford Falcon convertible and enjoy life as it used to be.

Films will start from the ‘60s and progress chronologically each night, and there’s even a full concession stand if you get the munchies mid way.

At just $75 per show, it’s only $12.50 per ticket, which, sadly, isn’t that much for a movie these days.

Grab some friends, grab some tickets, and grab some memories, because it’s only a matter of time before there’s another grand opening.


[Via: Gridskipper]

…Model cars belong on the wall?

Drive In

Jellio’s Drive In wall art might not suit everyone’s tastes, but it would be perfect for any car or model car lover’s humble abode. Designed to look like the plastic parts form a 50s era hot rod model car kit, Drive In is a follow up to Turbo, their first piece, made to look like the plastic parts from a 70s era car. The price tag is hefty, so this is probably best suited for the well-heeled car enthusiast, but it is a great throwback idea for those who can afford it to the days of Revell models and gluing your hands together in the process.


[Via: Autoblog]