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…CDs need more holes?

CD Hole Art

The hole in the center of each CD/DVD has for too long gone unnoticed. Thankfully, one creative artist has given this hole the recognition it deserves with these very original designs. Holey art, anyone?

[The Hole In CDs]

[Via: UNEASYsilence]

…Evan created the Almighty Forest?

Almighty Forrest

In addition to numerous other promotion methods, the Evan Almighty crew has started a campaign called Get On Board, designed to bring awareness to the go green movement. As part of this campaign, they’ve also started the Almighty Forest, where you can plant a virtual and a real tree for just a $5 (tax deductible) donation.

What’s interesting about the Almighty Forest is that with your tree donation, they will also include your name somewhere in the DVD. It might not make you famous, but at least you can tell your friends to start checking for you when the DVD comes out.

[Get On Board]

[Via: Treehugger]

…It’s Movie Monday: Four Eyed Monsters?

Four Eyed Monsters is a full length feature film that has been released to YouTube for one week only.

    It’s about our lives. Being alone in a city, wanting to be in a relationship but feeling there are no good ways to start a connection and then breaking out of a rut, jumping feet first into something deeper and crazier than either of us expected.

What’s interesting is the steps they’re taking to monetize the film.

First, they’re asking everyone to join Spout, a movie review site that has agreed to give them $1 for every user that signs up (to a max of $100,000).

Second, they’re selling their film on a variety of DRM free media, from downloads to a full featured DVD.

Four Eyed Monster Ad

Third, they’re running co-branded advertising on YouTube, similar to Rolling Rock, which is something I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of as YouTube tries to figure out how to get back it’s Dollar Eyed Monster of an investment (though I’m thinking this is a good thing, seeing as advertising linked to the video you are watching is much better than a flashing Crazy Frog).

The movie is over 70 minutes long, so be prepared to sit for a while, but if you want a peak at the way media is going to be distributed in the future, look no further, because this is it.

[Four Eyed Monsters]

[Spout – Four Eyed Monsters]

…It’s Things Thursday: The Animation Show?

The Animation Show Posters

The Animation Show is a collection of very cutting edge animations put together by Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt. Mike is the creator of Beavis and Butthead, Office Space and King Of The Hill, and Don created Rejected, an Internet sensation. The show is more of a film festival than a movie, traveling across the country and usually just playing in a single showing per venue, but it’s definitely worth the price of admission. I have seen all three shows, including the latest one this past Tuesday, and it continues to impress me with the variety and the uniqueness of the included animations. If you get a chance, definitely check out a life showing, otherwise, the DVD collections will have to satisfy your desire for off the wall animation. My spoon is too big.

[The Animation Show]