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…Pixar has secrets?


Pixar has a habit of sneaking in-jokes and self-references into their feature films and shorts.

Whether it’s bringing characters from different Pixar projects together or referencing earlier and/or upcoming productions, Pixar likes to fill their films with Easter Eggs and secrets for you to find.

Some of them are rather hidden, and most take a keen eye, so for those of you who don’t want to weed through your old DVDs with a fine toothed comb, Jim Hill has put together a definitive list of locations and screen shots for the doubters.

Ready to see movies in a different light?

Click the link:

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…It’s Easter Sunday: Easter Eggs?

Brian The Wonder Yak

Above is Brian The Wonder Yak, an easter egg in Final Cut Pro.

Easter eggs are often associated with a scavenger hunt of sorts where children hunt for colored eggs and candy; but Easter eggs are also the hidden messages or features that designers hide in things like movies, music, computer programs and video games for grown-ups to hunt for. It’s a way of giving the creator some artistic expression, and users a chance to feel like they found some buried treasure. If you’re looking for an alternative to the holiday hunt, (or you just don’t like hard boiled eggs and candy), then check out the Easter Egg Archive, and go on a hunt of your own.

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