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…eBay will give you Windorphins?


eBay’s got a clever viral marketing campaign going on right now called Windorphins, “natural, addictive substances in the body that are triggered during victorious moments”.

    “After a big win, windorphins deliver a general sensation of unabashed joy in the brain, leading to heightened energy, exuberance and outright slam dunk high-five behavior”.

On the site, you can learn more about the windorphins effect, create your own windorphin, watch a great series of commercials, and vote on who’s got more windorphins.

No losers allowed.


[Via: Trend Hunter]

…Marisa Miller likes the iPod?

Since this pic is definitely NSFW, click on the following link to view: Marisa Miller’s iPod.

Marisa Miller might have just solidified her place as the hottest Apple Fanboy (Fangirl) in the world with her latest shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in which she wears nothing more than a well placed iPod Video. If only there was a way to differentiate it, I’d be willing to bet that her very lucky iPod would fetch a pretty penny on the ‘Bay.

[Sport Illustrated – Marisa Miller]

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