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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Hot Rod Hybrid?

Hot Rod Hybrid

Hybrids don’t often bring to mind killer performance numbers (outside of MPGs of course) or awesome track times, but when Braille Batteries set out to show the world what its products could do, they created a Nissan Altima Hybrid that defies expectations.

Their “Hot Rod Hybrid” as it’s called is designed to race in the newly formed hybrid/electric class in the Red Line Time Attack series as well as the Cannonball Run and One Lap of America races in 2009.

Hot Rod Hybrid Detail

Featuring an E85-powered, 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine that uses an electric supercharger combined with an electric motor to reach a total output of 440 horses, this car is no slouch, and according to Braille, it’ll do the quarter in 12.9 seconds at 109 MPH.

Additional details include a race-style interior with “no-waste” ECO racing seats from Sparco, carbon fiber goodies all around including the still in the concept stage carbon fiber Braille battery that powers the beast, a 6-point cage, BC Racing coil over suspension, Wilwood brakes, an eco-focused paint scheme, Power Film flexible solar panels, energy conserving Yokohama tires, a Stillen body kit, and most important of all, leaf shaped exhaust tips.

Who said hybrids couldn’t be horsepower machines?

[Via: Autopia]

…Pratt & Miller make eco power?

Pratt & Miller - C6RS

Pratt & Miller created a super ‘Vette for Jay Leno, and for the right price, they’ll make one for you as well.

Pratt & Miller - C6RS - Detail

Called the C6RS, it features a full carbon fiber body (1.6” wider than a Z06), BBS center nut aluminum wheels (18×11” in the front, 19×13.6” in the rear), a fully customized interior, a fully tuned suspension, Brembo brakes, and a 600 hp, 600 ft lb, 8.2 L monster of an engine.

Plus, for the eco friendly, it runs off E85 fuel.


$185,000, plus the cost of the donor car.

I guess eco power doesn’t come cheap!

[Pratt & Miller – C6RS]