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…It’s Easter Sunday: Leftover Eggs?


So you prefer the real deal to the plastic imitation, but now you have a bunch of hard boiled Easter eggs lying around and you don’t know what to do with them? Thankfully, Fabulous Foods has come to the rescue with a list of the top ten tings to do with leftover eggs. Recipes include classics like potato salad and cobb salad, as well as more advanced fare like beet pickled eggs and Scotch eggs. Whatever you do, just don’t let the bunny’s work go to waste.

[Fabulous Foods – The 10 Best Things To Do With Leftover Easter Eggs]

…Egg boiling in an egg with feet is a cute way to start the day?

Egg Boiler

Egg Boil How To

Here’s a way to boil an egg that can be described in no other way than just plain cute (though it is a little morbid if you think about it). The Quick Egg Boiler looks like a giant egg with little chick feet on the bottom, and is designed to let you boil an egg in the microwave in 8 minutes or less. A neat idea that blends the food into the object used to cook the food, be on the look out for a cow shaped BBQ to complete your ironic cooking needs.

[Quick Egg Boiler]

[Via: Outblush]