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…BallDroppings makes beautiful music?


BallDroppings isn’t as much a game as it is a performance art piece, but if Line Rider can be thought of as a game, then so should BallDroppings dammit. The website describes BallDroppings as:

An addicting and noisy play-toy. It can also be seen as an emergency game. Alternatively this software can be taken seriously as an audio-visual performance instrument.

A series of balls fall from the top of the screen, and the “goal” is to draw lines with your mouse that the balls can then bounce off of. The balls make noise when they hit the line, and the pitch depends on the speed of the ball when it strikes. Surprisingly, no matter how you draw out your playing field, you’re almost guaranteed to have a pleasant sounding Zen device in the end. Give it a try, and I’ll get back to practicing BallDroppings, because I think I’ve almost won.

[Download available at: BallDroppings]