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…Kotaku loves energy drinks?

Pure Energy DrinksThe game loving guys over at Kotaku decided to take on the challenge of comparing energy drinks to see what would take top spot in terms of pure energy as well as taste.

In addition, they also examine the common ingredients in these bottles of liquid fuel, and a bit of history for the buff inside every one of us.

If you’re a caffeine fiend, or if you’re just looking to start a new habit, then definitely check it out, as nothing beats the surge or the crash and burn of energy in a can.

[Kotaku – Pure Energy: A Critical Look At Energy Drinks]

…Recycling is good for the planet?


If you recycle (and you should), then you probably separate out what’s recyclable from what’s not, put both on the curb, and never think about it again.

But what happens when you recycle?

How does it work? Is it worth the effort? Is recycling waste just going into a landfill?

The Economist decided to tackle all these questions and more, and put together a great piece called The Truth About Recycling.

    If done right, there is no doubt that recycling saves energy and raw materials, and reduces pollution. But as well as trying to recycle more, it is also important to try to recycle better. As technologies and materials evolve, there is room for improvement and cause for optimism. In the end, says Ms Krebs, “waste is really a design flaw.”

[The Economist – The Truth About Recycling]

…It’s TGI Friday: Energyville?


Energyville is Chevron’s SimCity clone that it hopes to use to educate consumers about the different ways that different forms of energy affect us.

Taking into account economic, environmental, and security issues, you must build a city to the best of your ability and see how your choices affect the people as time goes on.

It’s definitely an interesting concept, and ought to be good for a few hours of fun as you lean a bit about the environment, so I’m going to call it a win-win.


[Via: Matter]

…Google should be black?

Black Google

Here’s an interesting theory:

    1. An all white web page takes more energy to display than an all black web page.
    2. Google is an all white web page.
    3. Google is probably showing up on one screen or another for an average of 550,000 hours each day.
    4. If Google switched from an all white to an all black design, they could save the country $300,000 per year in energy usage.

Though it’s all rough numbers, and the black/white effect might only matter for CRT monitors (and not LCD monitors), the idea that a simple design color change could save thousands of Megawatt-hours per year is definitely something to think about. And you thought DYH’s design was just black to be different.

[Ecolron – Black Google Would Save 3,000 Megawatts a Year]

[Via: Digg]