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…It’s Things Thursday: Amazon Kindle 2?

Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon’s Kindle brought the eBook to the masses, and with the Kindle 2, they’re hoping an evolution of the design will help even more people discover the convenience of digital reading.

At just over 1/3 of an inch thick, and weighing in at just 10.2 ounces, it’s much smaller and lighter than you would expect, and with free 3G wireless connectivity, you can enjoy a book whenever and wherever you happen to be.

The Kindle 2 also features a new display that can show up to 16 shades of gray, 25% longer battery life, enough storage for 1,500 books, 20% faster page turns, and even a new text-to-speech feature that reads your content to you if you’re feeling particularly lazy.

Since just about every blog in existence has already profiled and reviewed the Kindle 2, I thought I’d just gather together a few of their thoughts so that you can see what everyone thinks of this device:

Engadget: “It really does feel great in hand. The brushed metal back is great, the device is incredibly light and comfortable to hold, and the keyboard is fairly usable. We’re not convinced the five-way joystick is the best they possible could’ve worked into this space- a d-pad seems much more logical – but it’s responsive and comfortable enough to twiddle with for what it is.”

Gizmodo: “The overall handfeel is a lot nicer. While part of me loves the snowspeeder original, this just feels better in your hand, and it obviously looks a lot slicker. Though at the same time, that iPod-like slickness is a bit less daring than the original.”

CrunchGear: “The difference in size is absolutely the most striking aspect of the new Kindle. Text-to-Speech is cool, but this is day and night when it comes to size.”

Ars Technica: “Overall, I have to say that the Kindle 2 is a far superior device to the first iteration, and really shows an attention to detail that, based on the earlier device, it wasn’t clear that Amazon had in it. More significantly, perhaps, is the fact that the company has clearly made sensible fixes to many of the problems, which demonstrates a clear commitment to listening to its customers. The changes give me hope that, when the hardware’s ready, the remaining issues (primarily the keyboard and the small screen) will be fixed. It makes me anxious to see what’s in store for Kindle 3.”

[Amazon – Kindle 2]

…Engadget is now king of the blogs?

Engadget Logo

If you ever had doubts about the fact that the way we get our news is changing, check out the totals from Engadget’s page views on the day of the iPhone announcement: 10 million. That’s right, seven zeros. I myself probably contributed about 100 of those at least as I refreshed in an effort to get up to the minute coverage of the keynote address. As the story points out, “by the time television and newspapers got to the story, the really interested readers were already on to the next thing”. Sure, TV, newspapers and other old world media still bring the news to those who just don’t care to get theirs as it happens, but when it comes to breaking stories, the blog is king.


…Locks are locked, but not secure?

Key Diagram

Engadget put together a thorough (and thoroughly controversial) column about security called The Lockdown: Locked, But Not Secure with the goal of “exposing the shoddy security you may depend on”. The first issue is bumping, and issue previously featured on DYH. The column presents a ton of information about locks, lock theory, and lock picking, and should be considered a must read for anyone interested in the topic.

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