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…Nike makes SB Dunk tributes?

Nike’s SB line of skate shoes are often some of the most creative tributes to grace your feet.

Nike Dunk SB 720 Degrees

First, there’s the Nike Dunk SB “720 Degrees”. Inspired by the first skateboarding arcade game, Atari’s 720 Degrees, these kicks feature a perfect match to the game’s color scheme, and will definitely make you stand out at the next arcade competition.

Nike Dunk SB Newcastle Brown Ale

Then, there’s the Nike Dunk SB “Newcastle Brown Ale”. Inspired by the delicious brown ale out of Newcastle, England, these kicks feature a hoppy style that is perfect for your next beer fest.

Regardless of your style, there’s no doubting the creativity that goes into a mash-up like this; and I commend Nike for thinking outside the box when is comes to design.

[720 Degrees Via: Kix Files]

[Newcastle Brown Ale Via: Kix Files]

…Nick Haley loves the iPod Touch?

Nick Haley, an 18 year-old student from Warwick, England, fell in love with Apple’s iPod Touch, and decided to take a few clips from, combine them with CSS’s song “Music is My Hot Hot Sex”, and release his own version of an iPod commercial into the YouTube community.

Apple apparently liked his style so much that they decided to give him full control of a 30-second spot that aired during the World Series.

Apparently dreams do come true.

[Via: Mashable]

…The Bayeux Tapestry is alive?

The Bayeux Tapestry is a 230 foot long embroidered cloth depicting the events that led up to the Norman invasion of England in 1066, as well as the invasion itself. David Newton, a British designer, animated a tracking shot of the tapestry for a school project, and brought the story to life. If only all history was this entertaining.

[Wikipedia – Bayeux Tapestry]

[Via: Very Short List]

…Paintball is more fun in tanks?


Citizens of Northhamptonshire, England were a little bored with regular paintball, and decided to kick it up a notch. They did so by converting retired military tanks into ultimate paint firing machines, which, for $139 you can drive around for two hours and shoot at your buddies in another tank to your heart’s content. Awesome.

[Weapons Of Mass Decoration]

[Via: Gizmodo]