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…You can wear the City Farm?

Soop - City Farm

If you liked Handscape, then be sure to check out Soop’s City Farm, a similar set of laser cut rings that feature the shapes of goats, chickens, pigs, cows, trees, sheep (both black and white) and foxes.

While they’re not yet available on Soop’s online shop (they’ll be there in two weeks), DYH was able to get in touch with Wai-Lian from Soop and get the inside scoop on a November 30th release date on their Etsy shop.

I think this scene ring thing is catching on!


[Etsy – Soop]

[Via: MoCo Loco]

…Etsy lets you search by color?

Etsy Colors

Etsy is “your place to buy & sell all things handmade”, but one of the coolest Etsy features is the ability to search for products by color. Simply move around the box, selecting colors as they pop up, and products that contain your selected color will be shown on little cards. You can then move the cards around in a fluid environment, mixing and matching as you see fit. If only all shopping was this cool.

[Etsy Colors]