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…F1 is tearing up the rule book?

Red Bull RB5

In 2009, F1 will be significantly altering the rulebook to ‘spice up the racing’ and bring back some of the fun and excitement that the sport has long been missing.

If reading through a long list of rules doesn’t sound like your idea of an enjoyable day, then check out this fantastic animation from Red Bull that describes their new RB5, and gives you a good idea of what the new rules mean for car design and F1 in general:

[Via: Axis Of Oversteer]

…Markus Stoeckl is fast?

Markus “Hercules” Stoeckl

Markus “Hercules” Stoeckl doesn’t like going slow. Weighing in at 220 lbs., and standing 6’4” tall, it’s easy to see where he got his nickname from.

Recently, Markus set a new record for the world’s fastest mountain bike by going 130.7 mph down the side of a 45-degree mountain in the Chilean Alps, smashing the previous record by 14 mph. To add to the excitement, Markus had to hold his breath for the entire 40-second run to prevent his helmet from fogging up.

The only question is: How did he stop?

[Via: Neatorama]