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…Cup and Saucers can be cool?

Cup And Saucer does ‘original art, limited edition art prints & boxed canvas prints from the world’s most exciting new artists’, and now they’ve branched out into a custom line of unique Cup and Saucers.

Each piece comes in a beautifully designed box, and includes a signed and sequentially numbered mini print along with a certificate of authenticity. Only 250 of each design will ever be produced though, so act fast if you want to get your own piece of Series One.

[ – Cup and Saucers]


…Cars and People is fascinating?

Time-lapse photography can make anything exponentially more exciting, so it should come as no surprise that the seemingly boring subject of a parking lot takes on a life of its own when you can watch 24 hours flash by in just over a minute.

Called Cars and People, it was shot using a Canon Digital Rebel XT SLR camera with 15-second intervals between shots at the parking lot on Bay and Edward in Toronto.


[Via: Jalopnik]

…Passage is a different kind of game?


Passage is part game and part art, and was created by Jason Rohrer for Kokoromi’s Gamma256.

Gamma256 encouraged game designers to use the smallest and most irregular aspect ratio possible (and they were not to exceed 256×256) and do with it what they could.

The result was games like Passage, a “memento mori” game that takes a bit of getting used to.

My suggestion is this: Download, install, and play the game first. Then, go back and read the creator’s statement for a bit of an explanation, and the game will take on an entirely new meaning.

It’s not exactly exciting, but the game does approach design from a very different angle, and it’s refreshing to see what’s possible when the story trumps the graphics.


[Creator’s Statement]


[Via: Kotaku]