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…The USPS will deliver anything?

Mail Dollars

Ever wonder what the limits are on the types of things you can get to someone else via the United States Postal Service? Improbable Research decided to find out by conducting some experimental testing and sending a variety of unpackaged items to U.S. destinations, appropriately stamped for weight and size. The results are pretty amazing, and I must say I’m impressed with the USPS.

[Improbable Research – Postal Experiments]

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…Designshirt will be very unique?


Apartshirt is going to be an interesting design experiment for user generated fashion where each of the 500 people who buy the shirt will design a square centimeter of that shirt, resulting in what should be an unique combination of ideas and creativity.


[Via: Designspotter]

…Slides can be art?

Slide Art

Slide Art Top

Here’s a way to make art more fun: Turn museums into giant playgrounds. The Tate Modern in Britain has done just that, with the Test Site exhibit by installation artist Carsten Holler. Carsten sees slides as an essential mode of human transport, and wants to see the use of slides grow in the coming years, saying, “The installation is an experiment into the reception of slides by the public and the effect they have.” Think slides aren’t art? Carsten responds: “Going down can be like being under the influence of a drug, a thrilling experience, but it is also a fast and efficient way of getting from A to B. It’s a playground for the body and the brain. It’s art and it’s not art.” The slides are made of stainless steel and polycarbonate acrylic glass. Visitors sit in canvas sacks and slide from the fifth floor to the ground, accelerating to speeds in excess of 30mph. The biggest slide measures in at 55.5 meters long and has a drop of 27 meters, so these aren’t exactly for the faint of heart. No if he’d just build a slide from my house to Britain so I could check this exhibit out, the world would be one man happier.

[This Is London – Tate Museum]

[Via: Buzz Patrol]

…Teleportation may soon be possible?

Scientists/Really big Star Trek fans from Denmark managed to teleport both light and matter a whole 18 inches today, putting us one step closer to beaming around via Scotty. The experiment involved teleporting a macroscopic atomic object containing thousands of billions of atoms using light as the carrier of entanglement and plenty of other scientificy stuff that I didn’t understand, but the idea is cool regardless of anyone’s ability to understand it. Soon, Dominos will be able to promise delivery before you can hang up the phone, and I for one can’t wait to order the teleport special.

[Via: CNN.com]

…Eggs and bacon don’t last forever?

Bacon And Egg Experiment

Here’s an interesting if not somewhat useless scientific experiment: What happens if you put a piece of bacon and a raw egg into a sealed lexan box? I’m not going to ruin the result, but it’s actually pretty interesting. Just don’t plan on reading this article before breakfast, things might not go as planned.

[Bacon Tomb]

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