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…The Beginning looks great?

Combine Tony Hawk’s and Shaun White’s forces, and the world might not be ready for the result.

The new Birdhouse video, called “The Beginning”, features the dynamic duo doing their thing on a super-ramp that they built out in the desert, and some of the scenes are truly breathtaking:

Other appearances in the video include Matt Ball, Steve Nesser, Brian Sumner, Willy Santos, Jeremy Klein, Jean Postec, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, David Loy, Sean Eaton, Shaun Gregoire, Randy Ploesser, Derek Burdette, Riley Hawk and Nate Lacoste.

[Note: You may recognize this video from the Website Wednesday: Shred or Die post. This one is the extended version however, and features a lot more Hawk and White action.]

[Birdhouse – The Beginning]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Rip TV?

Rip TV

Rip TV is “an interactive broadband action sports TV network with an emphasis on Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Skiing, BMX, Surfing, MotoX, and more”.

With “exclusive programming, live-event coverage, and entertaining weekly shows”, as well as crazy crashes, treacherous tricks, cool contests, and gnarly news, it’s designed to fill all of your extreme sports needs in one place (and let you know about all of the sports that can kill you).

If that’s not good enough, then just keep in mind that Rip TV is still in Beta, so you can have that ‘there before the crowds’ feeling for a little wile longer.

[Rip TV]

…It’s Things Thursday: The Collective?

The Collective

The Collective, a Freeride Mountain Biking video, is one of those films that makes you wish there was some way to rent enough skill and enough stupidity (or is it luck) to throw yourself off of a cliff with nothing but a bike to break your fall. Shot entirely on 16mm film, the movie has a grittiness and a rawness that puts your right in the middle of the action. “The Collective has created a film that portrays the newest, cutting edge images of the Freeride progression, while exploring the thoughts and personalities of the riders leading that progression”. Though it was produced in 2004, The Collective is still as cutting edge today as it was when it was released, and continues to inspire the entire extreme sports video industry. Be prepared to be amazed.

[The Collective]

…Hotels should be more extreme?

Extreme Hotel

Extreme Hotels wants to offer “something new, different and exciting in the hotel sector. Delivering affordable, high value, entertaining, active, cutting edge sports based hotels in the finest extreme sports and urban destinations around the world”. Their first hotel, located in Cape Town, South Africa, features 130 “hip and happening rooms”, a variety of lounging areas, a 5 story climbing wall on the outside of the building, and all of the action sports an adrenaline junkie could possible dream of. It’s definitely a unique take on the traditional hotel style, and one that will definitely appeal to its intended audience.

[Extreme Hotels]

[Via: Trend Hunter]

…Freeride mountain biking is a magical thing?

Freeride mountain biking has always been a sport that wows me. The guys that do it take their bikes and throw themselves off of the biggest cliffs they can find, landing among rocks and cactus and all sorts of other things that would tear them up if they land even a little bit funny, and they do it cause it’s fun for them. The paychecks are small, the fan clubs are smaller, but their love of the sport is huge, and that’s what makes it so pure. The following video is a collection of all of the reasons I love watching freeride mountain biking: the jumps, the falls, and the feeling you get just watching them of “how can anybody do that and survive?”