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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Nelson Racing F-Bomb?

Nelson Racing F-Bomb

When you’re the Chief Editor of Hotrod Magazine, it’s not like you can just drive around in a Dodge Stratus.

However, the Nelson Racing “F-Bomb” 1973 Chevy Camaro that David Freiburger drives around might just take the opposite to the extreme.

Featuring a twin turbo, 406 cubic inch V8, it’s got 1540 HP and 1527 lb.ft. of torque on tap so that any time speed is an option, the go pedal is sure to provide plenty of it.

Besides the monster engine though, the car has also been caged and minitubbed for safety, and was stripped down to the bare metal before being powder coated with a fighter plane motif that I can’t get enough of.

F-Bomb indeed.

HotRodTV “F-Bomb” Part 1:

HotRodTV “F-Bomb” Part 2:

[Nelson Racing – F-Bomb]

…Digg is a killer?


DiggKiller: The Game is a clever use of the Digg API that turns the site into a space shooter game.

By shooting at the enemy (Or is it bury?), you decrease its Digg score until it reaches zero and explodes in a shower of good and bad comments.

You then collect these comments for an increase in weapon power, as well as a few power-ups that are triggered by certain comment keywords.

Additional weapons include the Rose Bomb and the F-Bomb, and there are plenty of surprises in store during the later levels.


[DiggKiller: The Game]

[Via: Digg]