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…Champion wants you to remix their hoodie?

Hoodie Remix

The Champion Hoodie Remix competition is a chance for you to show off your design talents and possibly win some fame and money in the process.

To start, you’re given the blank canvas of an all white hoodie, and you can then add colors and patterns to each area of the hoodie to make it your own.

Once you’re happy with the design, submit it to the gallery where others can vote to select their favorite, and the winner will receive $500, and their design will be produced by Champion.

[Champion – Hoodie Remix]

…The Vanities Girls are beautiful?

Vanities Girls

In September of ’06, Vanity Fair changed the format of their opening to the Vanities section to feature a full-page, 50s-style pinup of an up-and-coming star.

Vanity Fair

    These shapely ingénues are on the cusp of fame or have just hit it big; they have names you need to know and faces you won’t have trouble remembering.

Thankfully, they’ve taken those beautiful photos and turned them into an online slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

[Vanity Fair – The Vanities Girls]

…Threadless picked Bestee award winners?

To “recognize significant achievement in various categories of Threadless participation”, Threadless created the Bestee awards.

Award winners received a significant amount of cash, a hand crafted, ridiculously oversized Bestee The Elephant trophy, and eternal fame, so check out their choices to see if you agree.

[Threadless – Bestee]