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…Hulu is growing?


As a major supporter of the Hulu movement, I’m glad to see that they’re continuing to develop the online TV alternative with new shows and exclusive viewings.

Their “Fall Premiere Lineup” includes favorites like “Bones,” “Heroes,” “House,” “The Office,” “Family Guy,” “The Simpsons,” “My Own Worst Enemy,” “Crusoe,” and “30 Rock”, while shows like “Knight Rider,” “Chuck,” “Life,” and “Lipstick Jungle” are even slated to debut on Hulu more than a week before they go live on broadcast TV.

Even the technology continues to improve, as more and more shows are available in 480p for resolutions that approach HD. (And on most computer monitors, you’d probably never notice any difference above 480p, though that’s not true if you’ve got your computer hooked into your home entertainment system.)


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…It’s TGI Friday: American Dad vs. Family Guy?

American Dad vs Family Guy

Settle the American Dad vs. Family Guy dispute once and for all with Kung Fu II Turbo! The Hyper-Mega Edition.

This fighting flash game features your favorite characters from both Fox favorites, and included an Arcade Mode and a 2 Player Vs. Mode for extra fun.

Each player has custom special moves, and Ryu is even thrown in for good measure.

Wo do you think will come out on top?

[American Dad vs. Family Guy]

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…It’s Things Thursday: Family Guy?

Family Guy Logo

Family Guy sure does love the special edition.

First, there was the Freakin’ Party Pack that featured Family Guy Volumes 1-6, Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin, themed ping pong paddles, a ping pong net, ping pong balls, poker chips and playing cards.

Now, there’s the Blue Harvest Special Edition, featuring a DVD of the double-length Very Special Episode that was a full-scale spoof of George Lucas’ saga, plenty of DVD special features, a collector’s t-shirt, 3D glasses, collector’s trading cards, and a 20-page “Art of Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest” booklet.

Can there be too much Family Guy?

(No; The answer to that question is no.)

…Family Guy watches The Simpsons?

As one YouTube detective discovered, Family Guy often ‘borrows’ ideas from The Simpsons. While both shows rely heavily on pop culture and historical references, it’s interesting to see just how similar some of these scenes really are. See for yourself:

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