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…Floppy drives can survive?

Batch Totem - Trunkeret & IkoniskUsually the music is the message, but Batch Totem (Jonas Olesen) decided to be different, and has gone with the medium for his latest album.

By releasing the album, called Trunkeret & Ikonisk, as a 1.4MB file on a 3.5” floppy disk, “the idea is essentially to release an album on an almost obsolete medium that fits very well with the music on an aesthetical level”.

“Secondly, the scope of the project is to use heavy compression as a feature that shapes the music, instead of a limitation that reduces sound quality.”

I guess this at least helps prevent bootlegging.

[Batch Totem – Trunkeret & Ikonisk]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…It’s Easter Sunday: Easter Eggs?

Brian The Wonder Yak

Above is Brian The Wonder Yak, an easter egg in Final Cut Pro.

Easter eggs are often associated with a scavenger hunt of sorts where children hunt for colored eggs and candy; but Easter eggs are also the hidden messages or features that designers hide in things like movies, music, computer programs and video games for grown-ups to hunt for. It’s a way of giving the creator some artistic expression, and users a chance to feel like they found some buried treasure. If you’re looking for an alternative to the holiday hunt, (or you just don’t like hard boiled eggs and candy), then check out the Easter Egg Archive, and go on a hunt of your own.

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[Final Cut Pro – Brian The Wonder Yak]