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…It’s Website Wednesday: Box Doodle Project?

Box Doodle Project

The Box Doodle Project is a fantastic collection of boxes that have been artistically rearranged to make figures and objects.

The idea is to make the most with the least, and I’d say that the entries that have been submitted so far have definitely achieved that goal!

Plus, if you’d like to make your own Box Doodle, there’s also a Box Doodle Tool that allows you to design your own online and then screenshot it and send it in.

[Box Doodle Project]

…Adidas does the dark side?

Adidas Consortium Superstar Wars

Proving that your sneaks can be cool for more than just their design, these Adidas Consortium Superstar Wars shoes come in the same packaging as the Star Wars figures that probably lined the walls of your nerdy past.

Though most will probably stay in the packaging as part of a shoe collectors’ collection, it’s good to know that companies are still putting thought into details as small as the packaging of their products.

[Via: HighSnobiety]

…Full Vinyl is a book about toys?

Full Vinyl

Full Vinyl: The Subversive Art of Designer Toys by Ivan Vartanian is a great looking book filled with full color photos of over 400 vinyl figures from a variety of the most popular artists in the industry. The book even has a corrugated cardboard cover and a squid keychain embedded in the front to give it a little bit of artsy flair. History books have never been this much fun.