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…Mac Mix will save you some cash?

Mac Mix

Mac Heads take note: Mac Mix could be your chance to save some serious cash on a bundle of the best Mac applications (Maclications?).

Unlike other shareware bundle events, which offer a discount bundle of pre-selected apps, Mac Mix lets you choose your own bundle. The end result is a bundle that has no fillers, and contains only the applications that you want and/or need.

Obviously there’s got to be a catch, so the discounts increase as you buy more apps. Any single app starts at 10% off, but if you buy three apps, that quickly climbs to 30%, and by 12 apps, you’re saving a full 75% off of the retail price. With 28 apps to choose from, picking out 12 good ones shouldn’t be too hard.

So what’s available?

Highlights include Parallels, MacGourmet, Forklift, HoudahGeo, TextExpander, Comic Book Lover, and much, much more.

Each app is categorized into one of five groups (productivity, web tools, image and video, system enhancements, and entertainment) and you can read up on each app before buying, including a star based rating system, and a bullet point feature list.

And if that’s not enough, part of the proceeds go towards planting trees to help out the environment, so you can probably get a write-off from the purchase of a Mac Mix if your tax guy is willing to be creative.

[Mac Mix]

…Ball games are fun?

Here are a couple of quick and easy ball games to play.


In Filler, you must fill 2/3 of the screen with growing filler balls, but you must do so while avoiding the bouncing balls that will kill your filler ball, and you have a limited amount of time and number of balls to work with.

White Dwarf

In White Dwarf, you must collect all of the green balls with your white ball. Blue balls bank your points, and red balls kill you.

Can you survive?


[White Dwarf]

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[White Dwarf Via: The Presurfer]