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…Fingerstaches give your face some style?


You don’t want to let your MacBook have all the moustache fun now, do you?

Gama-Go’s Fingerstache temporary tattoos give you the ability to apply a moustache to your face with the flick of a finger, but the freedom to take the thing off at the end of the day as well so that you’re not stuck with hipster branding for the rest of your life.

At just $5 for a pack of 19 Fingerstaches, it’s a can’t miss deal on a pretty sweet style.

[Gama-Go – Fingerstache]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…It’s Movie Monday: Shaving?

Here’s an interesting use of stop motion: Grow out a beard, and then shave it off piece by piece so that it looks like you’re using your fingers.


[Via: Neatorama]

…DYH is forever yours?

Forever YoursWant to show your love with a little body modification?

This ring, called “Forever Yours”, leaves a pledge imprinted on your finger when you take it off, so you’re going to have to plan ahead if you want to do anything ‘extra curricular’.

[Forever Yours]

[Via: Better Living Through Design]