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…Puget Systems will dunk your PC in an aquarium?

Aquarium PC

Liquid cooling your PC has been around for some time now, and what started as a skill that only hard-core hackers and tinkerers could master is now offered in off-the-shelf Dell computers, so what’s a modder to do if he wants to stand out from the crowd at the next LAN party?

How about submerging the entire computer in a fish tank filled with mineral oil?

The computer, which was originally built by Puget Systems, is now available in a DIY kit that includes everything from the aquarium tank and SSD hard drive to the motherboard and power cords, so all you have to do is add components (and a lighting system if you want to be totally L33t). Plus, if you’re worried about voiding your warranty (because this will definitely do that) then rest assured knowing Puget Systems has been running theirs for over a year with no ill effects.

[Puget Systems – Aquarium Kit]

…Aquariums should be more fun?

Aloha Tiki Aquarium

Since you’re just going to stare at it all day anyways, why not spruce your fish tank up a bit with designs like this Aloha Tiki Aquarium? The cylindrical tank comes encased in a carved Tiki statue, and includes all of the necessary components to get you on your fishy way with either fresh or salt water. Snorkel not included.

[Via: Uncrate]