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…It’s Website Wednesday: Homestar Runner?

Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner is a classic already, but if you haven’t yet seen it, today is the day (you needed a new Internet addiction anyways, right?). Based around an ever growing collection of Flash cartoons, the site features a myriad of characters and a variety of styles, including Strong Bad’s emails, Homestar Runner, the Teen Girl Squad, games, and more. Usually the stories involve “absurd humor with references to 1980s and 1990s pop culture, notably video games, classic television and popular music”, with a definite emphasis on the absurd. It took a few viewings for me to really get into it and start to understand the humor, but it was definitely worth every minute. The site is filled with so many quotables, you’re going to need to abandon all hope of ever talking the same way again after you enter. It’s worth it though, because once you go Homestar, you never go back. It’s dot com.

[Homestar Runner]

[Wikipedia – Homestar Runner]

…It’s hard to be a stuntman?

The Stuntman

The Stuntman is part game, part stress reliever. You’re given a ‘stuntman’ and 1:30, during which you can throw around an inner city alleyway, smashing him into walls, cars, trashcans, and anything else you can find. There really isn’t a goal besides smashing your poor little guy up, but it’s pretty entertaining regardless. Sucks to be a stuntman.

[The Stuntman]

[Via: Josh Spear]

…Goggles lets you fly on Google maps?


Goggles is a Flash based Google Maps flight simulator. Using the arrow keys to bank and dive, A and Z to change speed, and the space bar to fire, you fly your little biplane around on a Google map, exploring any areas you please, including the Moon and Mars. It’s surprisingly fun for a game with no goal, and surprisingly addictive. Fly on.


[Via: Kotaku]

…Paths will challenge you?


Paths is a simple game where you draw a line from the dot to the star, move a few things around and out of the way, let the dot make its way to the star and move on to the next level. The challenge is that you can only draw a line of a certain length, and the things you are moving out of the way always seem to find their way back in the mix. It’s a challenging game with a simple objective, so it ought to be good for a few hours of brain scratching.


…Sling lets you save the world as a slime ball?


Sling is a very fun and full featured flash game where you take control of a green ball of slime and try to save Oozeville from certain doom after one of its necessary powersources is stolen. Sling uses real physics to keep things challenging, and the animations are top notch. Plus, it’s even got cut-scenes to keep the story moving, and an introduction to get you started. From the website:

“Sling is a 2D physics platformer with a twist. Get ready to fling, flick, snap, bounce, drop and shoot a springy ball of slime through 50 danger filled levels. Along the way you’ll meet a crazy old kook – listen to his rantings as they may just provide the help you need to defeat the evil monsters and save the citizens of Oozeville! Sling is a green glob of goo consisting of a hand attached to a head by a long strip of springy slime. Players use the mouse to click and drag on Sling’s head, pulling him around to attach him to different items, or pulling back and releasing him to ‘slingshot’ him to another location. Real-world physics are used to model Sling’s springy arm, his motion and collisions. Each level of Sling’s world is made up of a single screen of different ‘grabs’ and surfaces that he can attach himself too. There are many different grabs with different characteristics. The most basic grab is a simple ‘gray’ grab. On most levels, Sling must attach himself to all the ‘gray’ grabs and turn them green. Once all the gray grabs are green a portal will appear to take him to the next level. There are 50 levels to complete, with at least one boss at every fifth level. There are also amusing reward cut-scenes with Sling’s mentor – Geeza – at the end of every boss level. Each level also has a ‘gold time’, and if the player can complete the level within the gold time that location will receive a gold marker on the Map. If all the locations are completed in gold times a special bonus game is unlocked. Players can also use the Map to jump to any level they have already completed”.


[Via: Table of Malcontents]