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…Gold is the new chrome?

Gold Plated Cars

Chrome has been the king of car plating for a long time now, but if Born Rich is to be believed, then Gold could soon be replacing it as the car cover of choice for the uber-rich.

The gallery that they put together includes gold plated Bugattis, BMWs, Porsches, Bentleys, Rolls Royces and DeLoreans, and each one is a show of gaudy excess.

Gold chain, greasy hair and 80s flashbacks not included.

[Born Rich – Gold Plated Cars]

…Bowser’s minions are not happy?

Bowser\'s Minions

Any Super Mario fan will definitely appreciate the humor in Bowser’s Minions.

For me, the sounds and the long lost characters brought back flashbacks of childhood gaming, and I loved the idea of Mario’s enemies grouping together and revolting against the restrictions placed upon them by Bowser/Nintendo to keep the game playable.

Definitely another CollegeHumor classic.

…Your ceiling fan is boring?

Tigershark Warbird Airplane Ceiling Fan

Though it might not match most rooms, if you can find a place for this ‘unique’ ceiling fan, the Tigershark Warbird Airplane Ceiling Fan has more style than all other ceiling fans combined.

It’s a replica of the original Curtiss P-40 Sharkmouth design that was flown by the Flying Tigers in WWII, and would look great in a game room. Traumatizing flashbacks not included.

[Tigershark Warbird Airplane Ceiling Fan]

[Via: Nerd Approved]