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…Mileage Running isn’t easy?

Airport Pan

Have you ever heard of mileage running?

The goal is to fly for the sake of flying so that you can earn enough airline miles to receive perks from the frequent flier program.

To do mileage running, you only need two things: a lot of time, and cheap tickets (one to two cents per mile cheap).

Then, you simply rack up the miles, going through the ticket and routing calculations, through elite status, upgrades, irregular operations, weather delays, working the system, bumping and marathon flying; all for the sake of a few extra miles.

Ready to work the system?

Then check out Gadling’s Guide to Mileage Running, and learn from the best.

[Gadling – Guide To Mileage Running]

[Photo Via: AMagill]

…Flys can post?

Fly Post Close Up

Flyposting is “the act of placing advertising posters or flyers in illegal places” (thanks Wikipedia). It’s a very underappreciated form of expression, but one English flyposter found a way of using irony to his advantage. The result? A flypost of a fly posting.

Fly Post Wall

[Via: Wooster Collective]

…People like to fly?

Hats off to the person responsible for testing this ride, because even now it looks scary enough to require a new set of pants with each ride:

[Via: MAKE: Blog]