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…It’s Website Wednesday: Foamee?


Foamee “is a free service that helps track who you owe beers or coffee to (and vice versa) suing the popular messaging service, Twitter”.

Basically, you simply follow ioubeer and/or ioucoffee, and then send your I.O.U. to “a deserving recipient” using the format:

    @ioubeer @twitterscreenname “REASON”

For example:

    @ioubeer @coryobrien for writing about Foamee.

Want to send a beer/coffee to someone without a Twitter account?

No problem; just put their name in square brackets and Foamee will figure out the rest.

Then, once your friend redeems that beer/coffee, you simply send a tweet to Foamee formatted as follows:

    D ioubeer redeem “Drink ID Number”

and Foamee will mark that drink as received and redeemed.

Now drink up!