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…Internet forums need better behavior?

In the AOL era, forums and chat rooms were the place to be.

However, as Facebook and MySpace began sucking up everyone’s extra time, forums and chat rooms were suddenly slotted under poking and biting chumps on the Internet order of importance scale.

Fortunately, the forum has remained a vital source of information for some, and because of this, a set of laws and rules has slowly developed to make them more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, not everyone follows these rules, and internet anonymity means that there’s always someone who wants to ruin everyone else’s good time. If that someone happens to be you, then be sure to watch the following video for a quick lesson on How To Behave On An Internet Forum.


And from the same guy, and equally funny video titled “How To Ruin Xbox Live For Everyone Else”:

…It’s Website Wednesday: Newspond?


Newspond has dubbed itself “the most advanced news site on the planet”.

Quite a claim, eh?

The idea is that a “tireless electronic brain” finds and sorts news in real-time based on global popularity. This “self-sufficient news engine” “continually watches over and reads hundreds of different websites, including everything from major news portals to the tiniest blog, or forum”.

When it finds new news, it notes, sizes and gauges that news based on things like how fast a story spreads throughout the internet, the amount of discussion surrounding the story, the rate at which people click on or bookmark the article, and even the size of each of the sites reporting it.

The result is a Buoyancy Rating that tells you “the exact upward force exerted on a news story by the internet, in real-time”.

To view the news, you can sort Newspond by what’s hot at that moment, or you can sort stories by the highest popularity rating that they ever attained to see what’s hot for the day, week, or month.

As with any new site (it made its public debut on Tuesday) Newspond is still sorting out a few last minute bugs, and the volume of stories isn’t at the levels of the other social bookmarking sites (which could actually be a good thing) but my initial impression is a positive one. The site looks fantastic, has a wonderfully intuitive layout (including an easy to use commenting system), and features stories that I actually want to read. The timeline of sources is also an interesting idea, and the “real-time”iness of it all seems to work well, so I’m definitely going to be checking back to see how the site progresses.

Can this computerized Digg take on the social bookmarking kings?

Only time will tell, but it’s looking good so far.


[Via: Mashable!]

…Shaving can change your life?


Wet shaving can improve your health, save you money, help the environment, and make you feel better about yourself by doing something that you already do every day, so why aren’t you doing it?

More than likely, it’s because you don’t know how.

To help you on this epic quest into the land of the clean shave, John Koontz from the Badger & Blade forum has written a great guest post over at Zen Habits called, “Shaving: How a Double-edge Razor Can Change Your Life”.

The quick how-to that the article gives is simple, and should have you shaving face in no time.

Just remember to stock up on styptic pencils…

[Zen Habits – Shaving: How a Double-edge Razor Can Change Your Life]

[Badger & Blade]

[Photo Via: Koshyk]

…Free Rider likes lines?

Free Rider takes the Line Rider formula, adds a motorcycle, goals, and track sharing, and the results are actually pretty entertaining. There’s even a forum to share the tracks you make. Here’s a track just for you, the readers:

    -1i,1i,1i,1i 1i,1i,40,v 40,v,4p,t 4p,t,7d,1 7d,2,b8,-1e bn,-7,bn,1a bn,-6,ch,-5 cm,u,c9,1a c9,1a,bo,19 d3,-1k,d3,19 ch,-5,co,a dd,-7,dd,1a de,-5,e5,-4 co,a,cm,u e5,1a,dd,1a fi,-25,ln,-21 e5,-4,ee,f el,-5,el,1a el,-3,fh,19 fh,19,fg,-3 fg,-3,gr,-3 ee,f,ed,11 ed,11,e5,1a g6,-2,g7,15 fk,-m,fk,-9 h2,-1c,i6,-7 io,-1a,i6,-a i6,-a,i7,v jh,-19,ip,-n ip,-n,ip,a km,-u,k7,-1d k7,-1d,ji,-19 ip,a,jd,10 jd,10,kd,10 lo,-22,qu,-7 kp,0,km,-u ks,-19,ku,i kd,10,kp,0 ku,i,le,r le,r,m3,s mk,c,mi,-1d m3,s,mk,c nq,-j,ns,1k nt,l,p2,10 p2,-3,p4,1t ph,b,pi,24 pi,19,q8,1j ph,c,qn,u pi,24,qp,2v qu,2t,ri,12 ri,12,s0,2t r7,22,rq,2a sf,1e,sa,39 sg,1i,ta,23 ta,23,t4,2u t4,2u,sd,2t sd,2t,td,3v tm,31,to,2k to,2k,un,3h un,3h,u3,3s u3,3s,u2,4f v0,3q,129,4a 165,6h,u7,6p 129,4a,16e,3d 18p,4n,165,6f 1a4,1m,18p,4n #d0,-2e u1,5q

[OneMoreLevel – Free Rider]

[Free Rider Forum]

…Your Windows Mobile phone can get an iFacelift?

iPhone Windows Mobile

If you’re already using a Windows Mobile phone, and the new iPhone has you salivating for more, hold yourself over with a interface facelift. A user of the XDA Developers forum created and posted the customization package, and it looks pretty good considering the short amount of time he’s had to work on it. Though it’s never going to be good enough to replace the real thing, it’ll have to do until Apple gifts the world its latest groundbreaker, so hack away.

[XDA Developers]

[Via: UNEASYsilence]