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…The Mac Bundle Box is a great deal on software?

Mac Bundle Box

Get your app on with the Mac Bundle Box, a collection of 12 great apps for just $49.

Titles include Freeway, Simon, DEVONthink, myNotes, iCash, DaisyDisk, Chronicle, Stomp and Exces, and you’ll save almost 90% off retail by buying them together, so what do you have to loose?

[Mac Bundle Box]

…Speed and Motion loves exotics?

Speed And Motion

What’s better than one exotic car on the freeway?

Try hundreds.

Speed and Motion’s homepage is currently showing one of the most amazing automotive videos I’ve ever seen.

It’s a highway patrol led cruise down the freeway, and literally hundreds of high dollar exotics stream by. It’s too many to count in one go, so be ready for a few views.


[Speed and Motion]

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Formula Drift?

Formula Drift Logo

On Saturday, I had the chance to go and see Formula D’s “The Finals” at Irwindale Speedway (yes, I did get stuck on Interstate 5 on the way down from San Francisco due to that massive accident), and I must say, if you’re at all a fan of the four wheeled machine, make sure you check out one of Formula Drift’s events at a track near you.

Pontiac Solstice

If you’re not familiar with the sport, think of drifting as two automotive ballerinas battling it out in a boxing match. It’s gracefully controlled mayhem, and in my opinion, it’s easily the best form of four-wheeled entertainment on the planet.
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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Art Car Lamborghini?

Green Lamborghini

Normally Tuner Tuesday features cars that are full of horsepower, torque, suspension work and sex appeal.

This car doesn’t have any of the above, but it does have one thing: Green power.

Made by sculptor Benedict Radcliffe and pedal car designer Ben Wilson, this Lamborghini art car might only have the horsepower of the two people behind the pedals, but it puts out exactly zero emissions, and is sure to get you about as many looks as the real thing.

Just don’t try to take it on the freeway, because I don’t think the crumple zones have passed safety inspection yet.

[Via: Designboom]

[Photo Via: gdaneuk]