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…It’s Website Wednesday: Blank Is Like Blank?

Blank Is Like Blank

Blank is Like Blank is a simple site that provides the occasional analogy to live by.

With quips like:

    “Facebook is like a gossipy friend with no interesting information”,
    “Using Helvetica is like owning a Mac: It looks so cool that you never bother to stop and think if you really need to”, and
    “Starbucks is like that crazy ex-girlfriend you still get together with: You hate yourself for going back, but the familiarity makes it convenient, and until you find something better, it’s all you’ve got”,

Justin Feinstein is firmly establishing himself as the king of the one liner.

[Blank is Like Blank]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Foamee?


Foamee “is a free service that helps track who you owe beers or coffee to (and vice versa) suing the popular messaging service, Twitter”.

Basically, you simply follow ioubeer and/or ioucoffee, and then send your I.O.U. to “a deserving recipient” using the format:

    @ioubeer @twitterscreenname “REASON”

For example:

    @ioubeer @coryobrien for writing about Foamee.

Want to send a beer/coffee to someone without a Twitter account?

No problem; just put their name in square brackets and Foamee will figure out the rest.

Then, once your friend redeems that beer/coffee, you simply send a tweet to Foamee formatted as follows:

    D ioubeer redeem “Drink ID Number”

and Foamee will mark that drink as received and redeemed.

Now drink up!


…Design By Humans is having a sale?

Design By Humans

As a friend and/or family of Design By Humans, they sent me an invite to their Friends & Family Sale, so as friends and/or family of DYH, I’m passing the savings on to you.

From December 26 through December 31, you can save 35% off of your entire order by using the discount code “DBHFAM”.

Looks like it’s time to get some Human!

[Design By Humans]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Shelfari?


Shelfari is a social media site for the book lover. Users create their own “personal shelf”, fill it with their own books, and can then use that data to see what friends are reading, give and get recommendations, create book lists, share opinions, and more.

Shelfari Shelf

Once you’re there, discover new books by seeing what your friends are reading, what others with similar tastes are reading, or by receiving a recommendation, and talk it up by connecting with new and old friends to talk about books, joining groups devoted to your favorite authors, or by bringing your book club online with you.

Showing off and sharing your shelf has never seemed so satisfying.