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…Problem gambling is not a game?

Youth Gambling Facts

I can understand the need to use scare tactics for certain issues, but underage gambling?

The state of Washington sure thinks so, and has decided to combat this ‘problem’ with a site called; designed to alert parents of the dangers of youth gambling.

The only problem is, I think they got the direction of their facts wrong.

Instead of “If your kids gamble, they are 3 times more likely to be in a gang fight.” I think it’s a bit more accurate to say, “If your kids are in a gang fight, it’s 3 times more likely that they gamble.”

It’s not that I’m pro youth gambling or anything. It’s just that sometimes I wonder what the motivation behind a campaign like this is exactly.

[Not A Game]

…Gnuf uses large dice?

World’s Greatest Dice Roll

To promote their new gambling site, Gnuf created the world’s greatest dice roll, using two giant dice (each is over two meters tall and weights over half a ton) that were airlifted with a helicopter and then rolled them down the side of an ice-packed, snow-capped mountain.

The goal is simple: Guess what number they landed on, and you can win an eight-day trip to Greenland.

Care to wager?

[Gnuf – The World’s Greatest Dice Roll]

[Via: Adverblog]