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…Line Rider lets you play as the snow?


Line rider isn’t so much a game as it is a really entertaining way to pass a few minutes of your life away. There’s no way to win, but for some reason it is fun to play and see if you can do “better” than you did the last time. Simply draw a line on the page using the pencil tool, press the play button, and a small child will sled his way down your newly created mountainside. Set up jumps, slam him into walls, or just give him a lazy ride down the slope, the choice is yours. Nothing says fun like slamming a cartoon sleder into a freshly drawn snow wall.

[Line Rider]

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…M&M’s made a game of finding 50 dark movies in a painting?

Dark Painting

M&M’s will soon be available in a dark chocolate variety, and to advertise, they have created a game where inside of a picture there are 50 “dark” movies represented by metaphors (visual riddle). The painting is actually pretty unique and artsy looking, and it’s definitely a challenge to find all 50. If you consider yourself a movie buff, then try your hand at this game; it may be harder than you’d think.

[M&M’s Dark Chocolate Movies]

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…Start your very own carnival with the Duck Shooting Gallery?

Duck Shooting Gallery

The Duck Shooting Gallery brings home the fun (and some of the annoyance) of the carnival target shooting games. The aim of the games is to fire the laser gun at the ducks as they waddle from left to right, hiding periodically behind the included static targets where they are in a no shoot zone. If you do manage to hit one, it’ll drop dead, kicking your score up one on the included LED hit counter. The gun comes with it’s own gun sound effects, and the game blasts you with oh so annoying carnival music for a touch of authenticity. The better you are at knocking down foul, the faster the ducks go and the faster the music plays. Features include:

  • Plastic shooting gallery complete with targets.
  • A continuous parade of various comedy breeds of duck to aim for.
  • The targets have infrared sensors to detect your shots and their accuracy.
  • An LED scoreboard for recording your duck casualties.
  • An infrared pistol.
  • When the gun hits its target, a great shooting noise is released.
  • Mildly annoying carnival music plays as the ducks parade, speeding up the more your shooting skills improve.
  • A range of up to 2 meters.

Sadly, no cheaply made oversized Bugs Bunny stuffed animals are included for you to take home with your high score, so if you want, just send me $5 every time you win for that same “I just wasted $5 for this stupid thing” experience.

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