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…Good Luck Chuck isn’t good?

Good Luck Chuck

On Friday, I decided to see Resident Evil instead of Good Luck Chuck, and it was apparently the luckiest decision of my life.

According to the 3% score GLC currently has on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s among the worst films ever reviewed on the site:

Rotten Tomatoes - Good Luck Chuck

How bad?

The two good reviews are:

“Normally, I start to get the dry heaves when I see Dane Cook on the big screen, but this movie makes him likable”.


“Gross. Exactly what the target demographic wants and gets”.

Not exactly raving.

Still not convinced?

Then be sure to read the review that Geeks of Doom wrote about the film, as it will probably make you laugh more than the movie itself.

Dane Cook: Master of making bad movies with amazingly hot co-stars. (Jessica Alba is probably the only reason anyone will ever see this film.)

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