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…The RENNtech/Aixro XR50 is a quick kart?

RENNtech/Aixro XR50

RENNtech is known for making Benzmobiles go like rocketships, and the Mercedes-McLaren SLR 722 GT makes 671 horsepower, but for true speed, you need to check out the RENNtech/Aixro XR50, a kart with a 50 horsepower rotary engine that weighs little more than the driver itself.

Featuring body mods that mimic its bigger brother, the XR50, which sits just inches off the ground, is probably one of the most fun (and most scary) means of four-wheel transportation ever created.

Just remember: Keep it rubber side down.

[Via: Carscoop]

…Briefcases can hold racetracks?

Go-Kart Briefcase

Due to a language barrier, details about this self-contained go-kart briefcase are scarce, but what I do know is that this looks professional on the outside, plays like a kid on the inside briefcase would make the perfect toy for any hard working suit and tie type to sneak past the boss and into the office. Featuring two meters of track, two controllers, two karts, a stopwatch and enough 9V battery power to keep you playing for up to five hours, it’s perfect for sneaking that quick lap or two in during your lunch break.

[Go-Kart Briefcase]

[Via: The Red Ferret Journal]